Covage (Kosc)

Covage, formerly Kosc, is a B2B operator supplying fibre and ADSL in mainland France to other companies. Now part of the Altitude Infrastructures group, Covage has one of the most advanced information systems in the field of B2B operators in France.


Having developed a complete system for taking control and managing Copper access (xDSL), Covage had to connect a second backend dedicated to Fibre access (FTTH/FTTE). To streamline the management and maintainability of the application, Fasfox helped to merge these two layers into a new unified application, and to develop a unified repository of network equipment.

  • Design and development of an innovative tool combining relational databases and graphs to model the network infrastructure
  • Architecture and development of a Connectivity-as-a-Service (Python/Django) application unifying FTTx and xDSL products
  • Design and development of a micro-service architecture
  • Automated Deployment (Docker)

These projects were a major success for Covage, which largely reliable its technical infrastructure and proposed the first unified FTTx and xDSL access control platform thanks to this work, carried out in conjunction with the operator’s internal teams.