All you need is an app and a specialized website, and your teams can quickly manage − without error − large concrete volumes, thus proving the quality of your concrete structures and easily controlling your billing.

A robust solution

Used on the Paris ligne 14 extension (one of the main subway line in Paris), on several train maintenance facilities, more than 100,000 m3 of concrete were already poured and inventoried by Concrete Dispatch with a 100% SLA. The tool can easily be used by all your teams, works foremen, site supervisors as well as superintendents, without needing any kind of special training.

An immediate productivity boost

Concrete Dispatch demo

Concrete Dispatch can be setup in less than a week on your construction site and will bring immediate benefits of automatization and digitalization of your concrete delivery orders. Eliminating all kinds of error-prone processes and greatly reducing the overall processing times, Concrete Dispatch by Fasfox allows you to closely watch the breakdown of your structures and the billing of your suppliers.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports multiple concrete formulas,
  • Manages structure breakdown and concrete repartition,
  • Compatible with the delivery orders of many French and European providers (Lafarge, Eqiom, Syneos, …) and extensible to others,
  • Supports all quality controls,
  • Generates detailed reports,
  • Generates control reports and full export documents (PDF and Excel/CSV)
  • Supports account reconciliation,
  • Can be incorporated and directly connected with your platform.

More details?

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