Fiber Dispatch :
your Interop’Fibre Solution

Fiber Dispatch is the first software that allows you to easily pass FTTH and FTTE access commands to the operator of your choice. Use a simple and ergonomic interface, Fiber Dispatch handles Interop’Fibre flows.

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The FTTx Access Order Revolution

Fiber Dispatch replaces manual or poorly integrated file exchanges in your IS. Once you have achieved your eligibility, choose your Building Operator, simply fill in the necessary fields to execute an access order, and be notified as soon as you have an action to take.

Integration of the Interop’Fibre Access Protocol

No longer manage your flows manually

Fiber Dispatch has integrated all FTTH and FTTE protocols and associated business rules.

  • Never send an invalid feed again
  • Interconnect to multiple IOs with one interface
  • Integrate feedback from your subcontractors and work orders to go as far as provisioning your line

Real-time order tracking

Follow the progress of your orders in the blink of an eye

No need for Excel or AirTable: all your controls are accessible via an ergonomic and fast interface.

  • Detect blocked orders and proactively intervene
  • Receive real-time feedback from your IO
  • Track your team’s performance

Focus on
your job

As an operator, your value is focused on the core network and its technical and commercial development. Let Fiber Dispatch handle the complex IT aspects that reduce your productivity.

For commercial teams

Save your customers’ order projects and track their progress.

For Deal Teams

Trigger the dispatch of orders and track difficulties and flows in real time.


For after-sales teams

Find the inventory of the lines and trigger service interventions or diagnostics with the Building Operator.

For Managers

Analyze the volumes of orders delivered, the deadlines of your teams and subcontractors, identify the blocking points and improve the experience of your customers.



Fiber Dispatch allows you to place SFR, Free Infra, and Orange access commands (OI mode and STOC mode). Fill in your ARCEP code and set up our FTP: that’s it, you can take orders!

SAV protocol

Once your access orders are delivered, use our service tools to keep your fleet operational (coming).



The complexity of interconnection protocols should not concern your business customers: thanks to Fiber Dispatch’s TMForum-enabled APIs, you can offer your white-label offers to your partners in complete peace of mind (coming).

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