FTTH and FTTE process experts in France

For several years now, we have been developing tools for telecom operators, and have mastered the French interconnection protocols (DSL and Interop’Fibre) to power your ISD.

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The Telcos Experience

Having contributed to the architecture and implementation of Covage’s IS (ex-Kosc) as well as many developments for Axione, Fasfox has mastered the business complexity of telecom access and infrastructure products.

Interop’Fibre and DSL protocols

We have successfully implemented and integrated several Interop’Fibre protocols (IPE, FTTH, FTTE, etc.) and DSL and master the entire interconnection chain between operators that you may need in your projects.


OpenAPI and TMForum

In order to standardize exchanges between operators, we are able to implement and integrate the TMForum open APIs with your ISs, in order to increase your turnover and simplify your architecture.